Dorian Ford

In Mrs Henderson Presents, Dorian was presented with the challenge of recreating the sound of British jazz piano as heard at the Windmill Theatre circa 1930s. His live piano takes can be heard throughout the film.

As well as composing music for ITV drama, The Wedge (Tyne Tees) and Tonight With Trevor McDonald (ITV), Dorian found himself in eccentric company as the MD and pianist in the house band for the Jimmy Carr TV pilot (Ealing Studios).

He has also played on several commercials, notably as an ersatz Dr John for a New Orleans themed Rolling Rock ad, and his funky Hammond, Clavinet, and Fender Rhodes work was heard on the ad with Roberto Pla.

Dorian has maintained a commitment to the theatre, and has used his compositions, arrangements, music directing skills at the Loire Valley festival de Jeune Theatre, at the Mill At Sonning where he was an actor and MD, and for the National Theatre connections festival at the Old Vic.