Dorian Ford

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20-10-2019London Electric BluesThe Tabernacle
04-10-2019DuoTumnan Thai
22-09-2019Our Little TrioThe Plaquemine Lock
15-09-2019Without Words TrioThames Chase Forest Centre
15-09-2019Our Little TrioThe Plaquemine Lock
15-08-2019The Köln Concert Concert (Solo Piano)Stockbridge Church, Edinburgh
10-08-2019London Electric BluesThe Tabernacle Centre
02-08-2019DuoTumman Thai
26-07-2019Ian Shaw with Steve Taylor TrioZiggys
20-07-2019Trio, Summer NightsChez Slattery, Thenay, France
14-07-2019The Köln Concert ConcertSt Martin's Church
10-07-2019Live SalonPolish Club
06-07-2019TrioPlaquemine Lock
03-07-2019Quintet with Julian Marc Stringle144 Club
19-06-2019Change The World TourKoenDori Classics, Tokyo, Japan
18-06-2019Change The World Tour, DuoNardis, Kishawa, Japan
16-06-2019Change The World TourKirakudow
15-06-2019Change The World TourIto, Japan
14-06-2019Change The World TourIto, Japan
11-06-2019Change The World TourTokyo Whales
11-06-2019Change The World TourTokyo Bay Whales, Tokyo, Japan
09-06-2019Change The World TourFlat Flamingo, Osaka, Japan
08-06-2019Dorian Ford TrioBrick Block, Oita, Japan
01-06-2019To The SurfaceThe Peacock Theatre, Salamanca Arts Centre, Hobart, Australia
26-05-2019Haywood/Ball/Ferella with Dorian FordThe Jazzlab, Melbourne, Australia

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Wed, 22nd Jan 2020
Duo with Australian bassist Nick Haywood
Highgate Library Cultural and Civic Centre

Sun, 16th Feb 2020
The Köln Concert Concert - Solo piano
Charlbury Refugee Action Group