Dorian Ford

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09-06-2013Dorian Ford Trio with Jazz FMThe Criterion Restaurant
09-06-2013Jamoke Fashola - Jazz Verse Juke BoxRonnie Scott's upstairs
02-06-2013Sarah Ellen Hughes Band144 Club @ The Priory
26-04-2013Sebkit Dorian JonnySt James Theatre
04-04-2013Dorian Ford QuartetMap Cafe
28-03-2013Dorian Ford & Jonny Phillips DuoThe Vortex downstairs
21-02-2013Dorian Ford & Jonny Phillips DuoThe Vortex downstairs
20-12-2012Dorian Ford & Jonny Phillips DuoThe Vortex downstairs
05-12-2012Jay Phelps band144 Club @ The Roffen
29-11-2012Trio MioBoho bar
17-11-2012Dorian Ford and Dominic AshworthOliver's
02-11-2012Dorian Ford QuartetSt James Theatre
25-10-2012Trio MioBoho bar
22-10-2012Dorian Ford SoloNeal's Yard salad bar
18-10-2012Trio MioBoho bar
15-10-2012Dorian Ford SoloNeal's Yard salad bar
13-10-2012Dorian Ford and Jonny Phillips DuoThe Vortex
12-10-2012Carol Grimes QuintetSt James Theatre
24-09-2012Dorian Ford SoloNeal's Yard salad bar
21-09-2012Dorian Ford @ Maritime Jazz FestivalThe Britannia Theatre
08-09-2012Carol Grimes QuintetThe Vortex
05-09-2012Alex Garnett band144 Club @ The Roffen
28-07-2012Dorian Ford & Ben Hazelton Qrt Ft. Brian EdwardsThe Archduke
20-07-2012Dorian Ford Trio - The Bill GameFleece Jazz
12-07-2012Dorian Ford QuartetThe Spice of Life

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Fri, 26th Jul 2019
Ian Shaw with Steve Taylor Trio

Fri, 2nd Aug 2019
Tumman Thai

Sat, 3rd Aug 2019
London Electric Blues
The Tabernacle Centre

Thu, 15th Aug 2019
The Köln Concert Concert (Solo Piano)
Stockbridge Church, Edinburgh

Sun, 15th Sep 2019
Without Words Trio
Thames Chase Forest Centre